Online B2B: Kenya


We completed Turkish Housewares Industry – Kenya Bilateral Business Meeting event at 08-10th Febuary 2021. Please click here for detailed information.

ZUCDER (Turkish Housewares Association) is the leader of the digital bilateral business meeting with T.C. Ministry of Trade support. The first evet is held with Kenya where is one of the biggest economies in Africa. Kenya is the target market for Turkish manufacturers in 2021. The online evet continued from 8th of Feb until 11th of Feb between 26 members of Zucder and 30 enterprises who are the biggest Kenya.

Türkiye – Kenya Houseware Foreign Trade

Furniture & Home Decoration the revenue of product range is projected to 90 million USD in 2020 and the market volume will be reached 202 million USD in 2025. According to enlargement of the middle class, it is expected to be an increase in demand of the houseware and home decoration products, automotiv, durable consumer goods, furniture; a growth in sectors of the food processing and machine, construction, banking, information and communication technologies, tourism and retail, education, health and show business.

Kenya Hakkında

Kenya or Republic of Kenya is a country that the east of African continent. The country’s border on Ethiopia, Somali, Tanzania, Lake Victoria, Uganda and Sudan. The Indian Ocean is located in the country’s southern east. The biggest city is Nairobi in Kenya.

Population: 47.564.296 (2019)
Capital: Nairobi
Total: 206.532 billion $ (est 2020)
Per Capita: 4.071 $ (est 2020)

Date: 08-11 Şubat 2021
09:00 – 18:00

Market Analysis

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